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High School Pressure Cooker

This episode examines the level of stress experienced by many secondary school students in America. We probe the causes and effects. And we look at positive coping skills kids can learn and ideas on how to restructure school life to minimize stressful conditions.

Green Economy

As environmental visionaries see it, the future of energy is not in greenhouse gas-emitting fuels like oil and coal—whose supply is running out—but in sustainable, non-global warming sources like wind and sun and waves from the ocean and in the enormous storehouse of heat that naturally occurs deep underground.

Health Inequality Pt2

In this documentary, we ask why it is that the wealthiest Americans live as many as fifteen years longer than the poorest. It’s a troubling question at a time when income inequality has reached levels not seen since the run up to the Great Depression. Nationwide – even with more people covered through the Affordable Care Act – nearly 30 million Americans remain without health insurance. And medical problems that go undiagnosed and untreated often get worse.